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Project Management
Project Management
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Project Management

Standard Solutions for Information Technology provides professional solutions and services to improve, facilitate and develop business. These solutions help decision makers in making appropriate decisions.
The integrated project management system is considered one of the most important solutions for resource planning by Logix, as the system provides a comprehensive and complete solution for managing projects in an easy and smart way.
- The system is linked with other systems provided by Logix ERP such as:
system organizes projects more effectively and automates all processes related to these projects from the beginning of quotations to closing and archiving the project.
The system covers the project work cycle from the beginning of purchasing the project brochure and studying it, then determining the cost budget for the project and submitting an offer to the client, and then in the event of awarding, the system converts the study into an actual project, creates a time plan for the project Giant chart, raises the BOQ table of items, as well as uploads the Project Charter document, and then Start implementation, follow-up tasks, Task Management, disbursement of materials and purchases, as well as distributing employees to the project as well as equipment, and recording what has been implemented of these items, so that extracts are submitted to the customer, whether in pre-specified batches or according to completion or periodic invoices, and this work continues until the project is completely closed and all documents documented. Documents Control is up-to-date in managing documents related to each project.

The most important benefits of Logix project management system

project process automation, And keep more control Accuracy in project accounting.
Understand the real costs for projects and services We deliver, and get an offer Accurate and detailed earnings.
Improve productivity and increase efficiencies.

Services provided by Logix project management system

Logix provides the ability to add an unlimited number of project types, in addition to classifications within each type.
This feature allows the user to sort projects by type and classification, whether in aggregate or statistical reports.

Complete information about the project and assigning the project to a project manager, in addition to a complete follow-up of the project’s parts, including estimated and actual dates and amounts, defining the project type and classification, as well as the project owner.

It also allows the possibility of adding the project schedule and agenda, uploading all documents related to this project, and granting permissions to the user to access this project.

The project tasks schedule is the most important service that enables us to follow up the project by entering all the tasks and setting the dates for each task as well as assigning this task to an official to implement it, in addition to determining the method of linking the current tasks with the previous tasks and whether this task depends on a previous task or not .

The project dashboard provides a visual and graphical analysis of the status of the projects, through which the authorized persons can measure the performance of the project quickly and know the percentage of completion of the project based on the time spent or the work that has been implemented, in addition to knowing the status of the budget and costs of the project and comparing it to the actual and the deviations, as well as knowing the delayed projects The reason for the delay in completing the project.

Through it, project managers, as well as users who have access to the project, can update project information and follow up on project performance only for projects that they have access to.

This feature enables everyone to share information without accessing unauthorized projects, and with this feature, there is a possibility to reduce the burden on the project management office in updating projects, and thus the powers have been transferred to more than one responsible for the project.

When you click on the tab of the “income list” of the project, you can follow all the costs and revenues associated with this project, which makes you aware of the financial performance of the project as the system is linked with the financial management through the cost center, which the system creates while adding the project.

Through this screen, all the estimated costs of the project, whether of labor, equipment or materials, are entered based on the bill of quantities for the project, and this step is considered one of the most important steps that must be taken so that there are no deviations or excesses in the project.

The Gantt chart provides a better view of the project tasks, as it is a useful tool for planning and scheduling the project and monitoring the progress of the project and clarifying the start and end dates for each task or any internal tasks for the main task and whether this task is dependent on a previous task or linked to a previous task and so on.

You can issue invoices for projects (raise extracts) based on the schedule of quantities or work items that have been completed, or based on the claims dates that were previously determined in the project.

At this stage, the system shows what was previously raised to the customer based on this item, so that it does not exceed that item. The system also provides the possibility of making discounts and additions to this extract, such as deducting the advance payment from each extract, deducting the retainer and any other discounts, in addition to additions such as value-added tax and any other Other additions. The system also allows the possibility of attaching any documents related to this extract. The system also shows the number of previous extracts, the total previously invoiced, and what was paid. The system also provides a series of approvals for this extract, so that it is only approved after going through Work Flow. The system affects financially the accounts in the financial department.

All purchases related to the project that are added in the procurement department appear in the project record, where the system provides a complete procurement cycle starting with the purchase request and then requesting quotations from suppliers and studying these offers and then evaluating them and approving the appropriate offer and issuing the purchase order to the supplier until the supply of materials for the project and then Raising a claim to the supplier to pay all of this is done through the system.

As well as subcontracts, all subcontracts are recorded and the schedule of payments to the subcontractor, as well as raising the extract for payment to this contractor and an archive of all documents for these contracts.

All these expenses directly affect the profit and loss statement of this project and are directly reflected in the project's dashboard.

Since the Logix system is an integrated and interconnected system, human resources management, once the payroll process is extracted, the salaries of the employees associated with this project will directly affect the project, whether in project management or in financial management, and this effect is based on the working days in which the employee worked during this month in the project.

The system provides a complete archive of documents for each project, which are arranged according to document type, dates and versions, and can be easily referred to if any document is needed.

The system provides a set of analytical, statistical and graphic reports that help decision makers know everything that goes on in project management.