Logix ERP provides an adaptable cloud technology platform with a unique, all-encompassing model, enabling a complete, up-to-date view of your business anytime, anywhere. Through the cloud, Logix ERP provides a complete set of integrated business management applications. The system is able to manage several administratively and financially independent branches with the ability to obtain reports at the branch, institution or group level, which makes it the ideal solution for large and medium enterprise resource planning.

Single sign-on access to all applications
User can login with one ID and one password to access multiple systems.
Logix works across cloud platforms
We offer Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud platforms to store data so that it can be accessed anywhere, anytime
Logix Mobile for smart devices
You can manage everything from your smart device while you are on the road, at work or even at home.
Advanced security feature Security and protection
All units are equipped with advanced security and protection. It's fully encrypted with SSL and has backup capabilities.
Reduce costs Ease of setup
Without setup cost and no special hardware is required. You only need a browser to start working on Logix.
Certified by the Egyptian Tax Authority
Logix is approved by the Egyptian Tax Authority. It is fully supported by a VAT account.
Technical support and maintenance 24/7/365
Technical support is available through various channels, such as e-mail, or by generating tickets online even over the phone.
Multiple companies and branches support all commercial activities
LOGIX can connect all your companies and branches in a safe and secure way so that updated information is available to each one.
Ease of use Easy and simple user interface
Logix is very easy to use and anyone with some basic computer knowledge can use it. Logix is adaptable and extremely simple to manage.
Smart Reports and Dashboard The system is a provider of reports and performance indicators
Logix has super powers! Fast as a bullet and can grow as big as you need. There is no limit to creating users, branches and properties in one account.
Advanced Backup Backups on separate servers
Information and data is vital to any business so with this in mind, 1 Click Backup is available. You can take a backup of your data and restore any time.
One of the most important features of LOGIX is custom workflow
Logix is designed to support all types of industries and activities. Either you are a retailing business, manufacturing or even providing services, Logix is for you.
Compatibility with the Egyptian Labor Market and Middle Eastern Countries
Logix is designed with consideration of the market requirements in the Arab Republic of Egypt
Electronic archiving of files Logix provides advanced archiving of files
Logix provides detailed reports. You can export report files for printing in different formats.
Mobile SMS LOGIX supports most of the gateways of SMS providers
Logix can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store and Google Play.